What if nothing changes in 2021.

Hello hello everyone! Long time no see! Can you believe it’s already 2021?

2020. What a year. Everything I thought wouldn’t happen… happened. Everything I thought would happen… didn’t happen. But because of this year, I learned to appreciate the little things more. I learned to let go and just let. things. happen. You made it through this year, lovely. You are breathing. You are alive. I am so proud of you.

2021 a big year for me. It is my last year of school (I transferred to public school from homeschool last year for those of you who didn’t already know), I’m back to theatre (if all things work out), and then I’ve got to do the scary thing called ‘figure-out-what-I-want-to-do-after-school’. And hopefully this year I’ll get a job. And drive more. What is your year looking like? Do you have new year resolutions? No new year resolutions?

Anyway, this post has nothing to do with the fact that I’ll be in grade 12. *screams*

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts going around saying things like, ‘2020 2.0’ or it’s going to be a worse year, or all of your problems are not going to go away with the new year, nothing’s going to change, and all that.

I’m not going to disagree with the statement that all of our problems are not going to change just because the clock struck twelve on December 31st.

But just because our circumstances don’t change, doesn’t mean we don’t have to. Don’t ever let circumstances stunt your growth.

And you know what? This earth doesn’t matter. Our hope shouldn’t rely on the wish that 2021 will be a better year. Our hope relies on Jesus. Our hope relies on his promise that when he returns he will create a whole new world filled the most unimaginable peace, joy and love. No tears. No suffering. No pain.

I’ve seen a thing going around where people choose their word for the year. Words like ‘diligent’, ‘dedicated’, ‘kind’, ‘free’.

My word is ‘growth.’

I love this word because it’s so broad, and for me, growing, or going up, is the only way I want to go. A quote from K.M Weiland’s historical fantasy book ‘Wayfarer’ which I am currently reading and highly recommend says, ‘There exist two ways to move in this world: up or down. One cannot remain still. A man who refuses to climb is a man with no self-regard whatsoever.’

I want to grow in Christ, grow in who I am as a person, grow in faith, in kindness, in love. And something that I’ve always struggled with is comparing myself to other people and always caring what they think about me. Well I’m gonna grow in God’s direction. Not the direction of the girl I used to wish I was like. Not the direction that my classmates tell me I should go. Not the direction the whole wide world says I should go. God’s direction. His opinion of me is the only opinion that matters.

Another quote from ‘Wayfarer’ says, ‘Care too much for the praise of a man, and I can give you my oath you’ll be disappointed every time.’ I can relate so much. I’ve cared what I look like, I’ve tried to change the way I act around certain people to try and fit my idea of what they want to see or someone they would want to be around. But why try to hard to change myself to be liked by people when I can just be myself and be loved by the right people?

This post is more meant for myself than it is for any of you. Sure, you can take inspiration from this but this is for me. I have spent way too much wasted time wishing I could grow, instead of actually putting in the work to make myself grow. I wanted things, but I didn’t want to do the things I had to do to get there.

Anyway, I went on a bit of tangent, but you’ll find I do that a lot on this blog so if you don’t like that then you don’t have to stay. 😉

And that’s me being real and vulnerable and all my thoughts on a page. XD

This is my journey. I’ll stumble along the way most definitely. But the only thing that matters is if my eye is kept on the direction that Jesus wants me to go.

That’s my post for today! Thank you for reading!

‘Welcome to the real world’ they say

Why is it that as soon as we hit a certain age, we are suddenly old enough to be exposed to the ‘world’? ‘You’re already sixteen,’ they say, ‘Just watch it!’ or, ‘Just say it.’ or, ‘Just do it.’ But why is it that age defines what we can and can’t be exposed to? Why does it become so easy? Why does it suddenly become normal to purposefully expose ourselves to bad language or inappropriate movies or books, just because ‘we’re old enough’? Is this something we’ve been waiting for? Does it make us feel more mature?

They say, ‘Welcome to the real world.’ I have always been in the ‘real world’. But what I don’t want to welcome myself to is purposeful exposure to the things that aren’t pure in the eyes of God. The ‘real world’ is not what God had intended. His idea of the ‘real world’ was perfect, pure, and sinless. The fall of man brought sin and darkness into the world and along with it came impurity and peer pressure.

It’s so easy to just follow along because we’re afraid we might get teased or we might be laughed at for ‘acting younger than we are’. But there is a difference between immaturity and being wise. Maturity in general and spiritual maturity is knowing what to stay away from, being discerning and including God in our decisions. What we look at and what we do is between ourselves as individuals and with God. It’s not between us and the world; at least, it shouldn’t be.

But don’t be discouraged; staying away from these things is not immature, and it’s not us being afraid of encountering impurity. There is impurity all around us; always has been and always will be until we are in the presence of God. What I’m talking about is exposing ourselves to it on purpose just because we’re ‘old enough’ in the eyes of men. But in the eyes of God? His perfect idea of good and bad is different to the world’s idea of good and bad. No matter what age we are, he commands us to fill our hearts and our minds with kind, gentle, loving and pure things. (Philippians 4:8) Things that are positive and things that bring glory to God. He commands us to guard our hearts, because what is in our hearts, shows through in our actions and lives. (Proverbs 4:23) 

But what can we do? It’s scary and it’s hard to stay away from it. It’s scary to think that we’re not strong enough to fight it off. Purity requires power. It’s impossible to do it in our own power. But all we have to do is to ask God for his guidance. We only have to abide in him and he will abide in us. All we have to do is lean on him and put our trust and faith in him. He is willing, able and powerful to carry us through; and he can make us strong even when we feel like we’re not strong enough. God isn’t going to abandon us. The times that we are need of his guidance and when we are being tempted are the times that God is the most present and he is working great things for our good.

Thank you for reading!

Disclaimer: Backround featured image photo by Ben White on Unsplash