Free by Careena Campbell {Book Spotlight} Happy book release week!

Hello, hello, my friends! Long time no see! I am so excited and honoured to be a part of Careena’s release celebration and book tour of her beautiful book, ‘Free’.

As is common of a student in year twelve, I barely had any time to finish reading Careena’s book by the posting date. However, what I did read I found beautiful. The book is riddled with familiar hymns and the setting is exciting. From what I’ve read, I would recommend the book for younger children, although I am sure all ages would enjoy a book like this. There aren’t very many books these days that aren’t trying to bend to the world’s standards. I am so excited to finish reading this book, and once I do, I’ll be posting a full book review on here and on my writer/bookish instagram account.

What is ‘Free’ about?

17-year-old Ruth is used to being independent and trusting God to provide for her needs, even with the little protection life in the 17th century provides her. But when a strange turn of events lands her on a cargo ship with no immediate way off, what is Ruth to do? The sailors are rough and rowdy, but Ruth finds First Mate Leonard particularly intimidating. What is hiding behind Captain Edward’s passive nature? Will she ever be free? As the sailors face the trials of ocean travels, they realize their young servant holds a key to peace and happiness that they don’t have. A truth that could change their lives forever. But does Ruth have her heart open for the ways in which God wants to change hers? A heartwarming tale about faith, forgiveness, and rediscovering what freedom really means.

Also, Careena created a trailer for her book! How epic is that?!

She also posted a Youtube live Q&A, where she answered questions about her newly released book!

About the author

I believe that what we fill our minds with influences who we become. My whole life I’ve wanted to create books I had a hard time finding as a kid–stories that were just as uplifting as they were exciting.

Author website

Buy the book on:



Other book tour participants:

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March 10th: Effie J Stock
March 12th: Zielle K. S.

If you decide to read this book, leave a review! Being an author is a small business. Leaving reviews is an incredibly helpful way to support the author. Even if it is just, ‘I liked it’, if you read this book, I am sure Careena would very much appreciate a review left on Amazon or Goodreads. If you decide to read it, comment down below!

Once again, a HUGE congratulations to author Careena Campbell for publishing her first novel! Publishing a novel is a very hard and incredibly exciting thing to accomplish. Check out the other lovely lady’s book tour posts! There are author interviews, book reviews, and more!

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