I Assume… {Collab With Esther | WTD Blog Tour}

Hi my smol potatoes!

Today I have a special collab for you, to celebrate the launch of Write In The Dark! Now, I know this is late, but we had some….. shall we say….. difficulties. XD

Due to my poor decision making skills, Esther came up with this collab idea, where we come up with assumptions for each other.

Without further ado, here is the collab.

Hi, my name is Esther Jackson. My dad is old, but my mom grew up in the earliest age. Tolkien’s rhymes and riddles are an inspiration. I’m pretty sure I have Aspergers, but I don’t know for sure. Second youngest, youngest girl, as many brothers as sisters. I enjoy a good cabbage shoe and any other language joke. Primarily homeschooled, but I have spent some time in small Christian schools. I make a point of trying to foolow God’s commands as much as I can. The best part of life is knowing that I don’t have to worry about dying for when Jesus wants me he will call, (until then, am I immortal?)

Favorite well known fiction book

Lord of The Rings, or anything by Tolkien.

Favorite well known non fiction (Bible excluded)

Ooh this is a hard one. I’m going to guess Anne Frank!

Favorite modern piece of music

I feel like I know this, I just can’t think of the title! I’m going to say Hillsong Glorious Day.

Favorite classical piece of music

Wild guess: Piano Sonate op. 13 “Pathetique” 2nd mov. (yes I looked up the name in my piano book)

Dream future

To serve God and then have a big family while homeschooling all the way through. And also publish books.

Dream vacation

Somewhere with family on the beach or in the woods for up to a week or more.

Dream book to write

A fantasy novel, or a historical fiction.

Favorite religious holiday


Favorite non-religious holiday

I don’t know many holidays…. New Years Day?

Favorite Bible verse

Jeremiah 33:3 “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” (I couldn’t think of another verse)

Those are my Esther assumptions.

What did you think? Did you have any assumptions of your own?

I’d be surprised if I got any correct.

Since we were squeezed for time, I wasn’t able to get Esther’s responses to my assumptions, so I’m asking her to respond in the comment section. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out her blog and her part of the collab!

PS. The backround featured image is from Canva.com